Rules Before Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

Fishing Rules

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But you know brother, that fishing in the sea also has its own rules and techniques. If all this time you usually like to fish in rivers or streams and get a decent amount of fish, then fishing in the sea can’t be done carelessly. There are special rules, techniques, and tricks like the following!

Fishing Facilities

– Boat. This ship is not only used to deliver you to the sea but it is also used as a fishing ground. These boats vary from fishing boats to special fishing boats

– Fishing equipment with the type of spinning, Golong, or bait casting. Of course, the fishing equipment used is suitable for fishing in the middle of the sea.

– Belt to hold the rod. This belt is useful for making it easier to get fish. Don’t forget to wear gloves.

– Ganco (for big fish) and scoop (for small fish) as a tool to lift fish when they are on sea level.

– Bait. The bait here can be live bait or dead bait like fish. And can also be used as fake bait such as plastic fish.

– A place to store fish. When you get fish from the sea, such a place is needed. Except for you fishing is only for hobby not to catch fish.

After the preparation of these facilities is available, the next step is to go to a fishing location in the middle of the sea. Of course, choosing a fishing location in the middle of the sea must pay attention to weather and wave conditions. The alternative can be on the edge of the pier, or the waters near the beach.

Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

fishing in the middle of the sea

Fishing in the middle of the sea is different from fishing in freshwater or in rivers. There are several techniques and tricks for fishing in the middle of the sea as illustrated in the following points.

– Bottom fishing (bottom) is fishing from a ship that stops at sea that has a lot of marine fish. The shrimp used are sliced ​​fish, shrimp, or in the form of sea worms. This fishing method simply throws the rod into the sea.

– Drifting fishing, which is drifting fishing bait or boats where you is. The bait used is live bait. Well, when drifting this bait will be sought by marine fish.

– Kite fishing, namely fishing on a boat by using a kite to keep the bait awake and also to make the bait float on the sea surface.

– Trolling is fishing while the boat moves slowly at a certain speed. This technique uses live bait, fake bait, or bait that is still fresh.

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