6 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android

Hobby is fishing in the sea, but what can you do every day, don’t worry, now there is the best fish fishing game entertainment for Android. Where the 3D graphic display will give a real impression and look more challenging, many now there are lots of fishing games in the sea that can be directly enjoyed using an Android smartphone.

Nowadays, there are indeed many choices of Android fishing games, just choose one that is contained in the Play Store, don’t worry, there are still many free games so you don’t need to spend a budget to play online games. There is even a steady fishing mania game that gives the appearance of the show on television.

Indeed, adults and gentlemen prefer fishing games, not because of the catch, but the sensation when they catch fish. This is what many miss when fishing on the high seas, now it can be played directly in online and offline fishing games.

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Recommendations for the Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

You can be an angler on the high seas, where online fishing games will show the speed of moving fish, and the sensation of pulling cloth with very large fish. There was even a chase with the fish because the cloth managed to hook up with the big but very fast-moving fish. This sensation is indeed much sought after in the game of fishing in the sea.

Take it easy, when choosing this game, it can be done offline, so there is no need to rely on an internet connection. But in some time it requires an upgrade to get additional interesting features, such as virtual actions to new fishing tools. This is what makes fishing games much sought after by men. Reviews of this game are also good with a rating of 4.3 from 1,327,345 people who have played it, and have been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide.

Fishing Mania 3D

Fishing Mania 3D

A more real fishing concept game, but can be played in offline conditions. So there is no need to pay attention to the internet connection, it can be used on various types of gadgets, from PCs, and tablets to smartphones. Large screen size is indeed more fun for big fish fishing games, so it’s no wonder that fans of all ages.

The size of this game is also relatively small, only 16 MB so it will not eat up your internet quota. The gameplay features of this game are also very interesting, there are more than 50 missions to practice your fishing skills, and Hundreds of different species to catch.

Fishing Paradise 3D Free

Fishing Paradise 3D Free

This will provide many fun fishing spots, most of which are tropical places which are ideal fishing locations. In this online fishing game, you can choose your catch, besides being able to choose beautiful locations such as Hawaii to remote rivers in the Mekong. There are 50 types of fish that can be caught, make sure to invite friends to join the fun.
This game has been downloaded more than 49 million times worldwide and can be played for free, this game also provides tournaments. Compete with players from all over the world for prizes. With so many different tournaments. This game has also recently been updated and there are many new ones, namely 2 new locations (Rio Grande & Danube River), 4 New Fish Species, 3 new Legend Fish (Queen T, Kingpin, & Showboat), and many more.

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook is one of the most popular fishing games on Android with more than 50 million downloads, indicating that this game is very interesting to play. This game made by Mobirix has interesting features such as ranked and achievement, so if you are a fishing maniac, of course, you will compete to be the best angler and catch various types of fish.

Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Games – Fishing Simulator

Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Games - Fishing Simulator

Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing Games offers so many fishing spots with a total of more than 50 that have beautiful views. So you can enjoy fishing in rivers or lakes and look for various types of fish species that you may have never met. In this game, you have been given a fishing rod, which you can upgrade later to make it easier and stronger. There are more than 650 species of fish, a lot isn’t it?

Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game – Bass Hunting 3D

Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game - Bass Hunting 3D

In this game, you will fish professionally and will experience a thrilling and extreme virtual fishing adventure. You can also join an elite fishing club so you can take part in various competitions in tournaments, you know. This Fishing Clash game can be played offline, you know, so you can play anywhere and anytime, and you can also play online with PvP against opponents from all over the world.

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