How to Choose the Best and Long Fishing Lines

How to Choose the Best and Long Fishing Lines

How to choose the best and longest fishing line, all comes back to those of you who will use the string, but as an angler looking for recommendations for the fishing line that many other people use is normal. Apart from being tested for quality directly, of course, the price of the fishing line will be the right choice when you think about it.

Fishing line, the most important thing to choose is the quality! So, all you have to do is think about the spot where you are going to fish, be it in a river with a fast current or not, fishing in a swamp or even in a pond. Spot fishing will return to the strings that you will use so that the equipment used is not wasted.

Here I will share with you about the strings at the spot that you will be fishing for, but I cannot give a recommendation for the line that is considered the best because different spot locations will also return to each person. For that, once you know it, all you have to do is think directly about choosing the fishing line.

For the first spot, the River is Rapidly Flowing and No, for strings with conditions like this the main thing you have to choose is the length and size of the string. Call it a large size of 0.22 or more on it because the size and size will depend on the strength of the strings you will use. Especially the type of fish, you have to choose the right one, especially for fish with sharp teeth, you have to think about it when you buy it.

In addition to the length, you can choose strings with a length of over 150 meters – 800 meters when buying, but it’s back to the size of the reel you’re using so that it fits when you fill it onto the reel. The length of this string will depend on the distance you throw when fishing, besides that when your fish strikes you can stretch and roll the string, the longer the better usually.

Besides river fishing in swamps or ponds, it’s also better for you to think about the strings, usually, it will return to a small size because fish in fish spots like this will be sensitive to the strings, especially fishing in ponds. In a swamp, usually, the size of the string must be chosen correctly, because if you make a mistake later it will be very difficult for you to get fish because many fish are sensitive to the strings, so think about it and try it properly if you buy a new fishing line.

Besides, you choose the size of the big, small, and long of strings. You also have to think about the flexibility of the strings, because the stiffer the strings the more difficult it will be to use, especially for those of you who are fishing with a reel, it could be that the strings will sag when winding the strings if they are not stable with the weight of the main rod when you don’t get a fish the weight of the end of the string from hooks and lead weights would be lighter.

In addition to flexibility, you also have to estimate the weakness and the speed at which the strings sink in the water. The softness of the strings you use will make it easier to disguise the strings so that the fish you are fishing for do not know. Meanwhile, for easy drowning or not, your spot is more prioritized for fishing in rivers or ponds, if you are fishing in rivers, strings that sink easily are not really used because its priority is not that except fishing in ponds. So that’s all I can share in this post, then it’s up to you guys to think about the right thing when buying a fishing line.

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