Rules Before Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

Fishing Rules

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But you know brother, that fishing in the sea also has its own rules and techniques. If all this time you usually like to fish in rivers or streams and get a decent amount of fish, then fishing in the sea can’t be done carelessly. There are special rules, techniques, and tricks like the following!

Fishing Facilities

– Boat. This ship is not only used to deliver you to the sea but it is also used as a fishing ground. These boats vary from fishing boats to special fishing boats

– Fishing equipment with the type of spinning, Golong, or bait casting. Of course, the fishing equipment used is suitable for fishing in the middle of the sea.

– Belt to hold the rod. This belt is useful for making it easier to get fish. Don’t forget to wear gloves.

– Ganco (for big fish) and scoop (for small fish) as a tool to lift fish when they are on sea level.

– Bait. The bait here can be live bait or dead bait like fish. And can also be used as fake bait such as plastic fish.

– A place to store fish. When you get fish from the sea, such a place is needed. Except for you fishing is only for hobby not to catch fish.

After the preparation of these facilities is available, the next step is to go to a fishing location in the middle of the sea. Of course, choosing a fishing location in the middle of the sea must pay attention to weather and wave conditions. The alternative can be on the edge of the pier, or the waters near the beach.

Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

fishing in the middle of the sea

Fishing in the middle of the sea is different from fishing in freshwater or in rivers. There are several techniques and tricks for fishing in the middle of the sea as illustrated in the following points.

– Bottom fishing (bottom) is fishing from a ship that stops at sea that has a lot of marine fish. The shrimp used are sliced ​​fish, shrimp, or in the form of sea worms. This fishing method simply throws the rod into the sea.

– Drifting fishing, which is drifting fishing bait or boats where you is. The bait used is live bait. Well, when drifting this bait will be sought by marine fish.

– Kite fishing, namely fishing on a boat by using a kite to keep the bait awake and also to make the bait float on the sea surface.

– Trolling is fishing while the boat moves slowly at a certain speed. This technique uses live bait, fake bait, or bait that is still fresh.

6 Tips for Fishing Techniques for Big Fish in the Sea

fishing technique

Fishing for big fish does have a more stressful challenge. Because, one strike can take 30 minutes, even hours. Fishing activities are also one of the hobbies that are in great demand, especially if the target is big fish.

In addition, if you have got one strike. Actually, it is enough to be consumed by a fishing group consisting of 5-10 people, even more. However, if you still want to continue fishing, the caught fish can also be sold or released.

The size of large fish in each type of water is also different. For example, freshwater fish in the river, fish like this if they already have a length of more than 30 or 50 cm can be considered large. However, for fish that live in salt water, if the length is more than one meter, then it can be considered big.

In Indonesia, because it has a very wide water area, it often focuses on water tourism, one of which is fishing. In fact, since the first, there have been many fishing competitions at the regional and provincial levels.

Finally, in 1992 a new international-level fishing competition was held in the Sunda Strait and Manado waters. Since then, competitions like this have continued to be developed until now. Are you interested in joining?

If you want to join, here are tips for fishing for big fish in the sea:

Fishing Big Fish in the Sea

fishing technique

To be able to fish in the sea, a lot of costs must be incurred. But not a few people are willing to spend money to be able to fish in the sea. Fishing in the sea also has a different kind of fun. Besides being able to explore the vastness of the Indonesian ocean, when fishing in the sea, you also have the opportunity to get various types of fish. There are still many advantages of fishing in the sea than fishing in rivers and the like. So, not a few people are willing to spend a lot of money just to be able to fish in the sea.


Large costs are needed to prepare transportation and necessities when at sea. In addition, to be able to get giant fish in the sea is different from getting ordinary fish.

All the necessary preparations must be more mature and prepare special equipment for the fish. The following preparations must be considered:

1. Boat

Boats are the main means of transportation that need to be well prepared. Usually, the boats used are small boats measuring 20-30 GT and made of fiberglass.

Also choose a boat with adequate navigation tools, although it will usually be more expensive. But, for safety during the voyage, of course, expensive fees will be paid, especially if there is a budget.

2. Fishing Tool

Because you will be fishing for big fish, you must also bring a special fishing rod for big fish. Now there are fishing rods that are sold as a set with other additional tools. Usually, something like this is found in large fishing tackle shops.

In addition, you also need to bring more than one fishing rod. Because the fishing rod can be used to be damaged by the big fish being caught. But, if you already have a fishing rod, you also still have to re-check its condition, whether it’s still worth it or not.

3. Belt

The belt here is a special belt for the fishing rod. Usually, this belt is made of plastic or a parachute. In the center of this tool, there is a hole for placing a fishing rod.

This belt will be very helpful in attracting fish that have already struck. Especially if the fish are large, it will be very difficult if you don’t have the help of this tool.

4. Gancu

In contrast to small fish that only need a gutter to lift them. For giant fish, it takes Gancu to be able to lift it. In addition to being too heavy, big fish also have a strong power that is dangerous when lifted carelessly.

Gancu itself is a hook tool whose ends are made long and curved. Ganco stalks are usually made of wood which is about 2.5 meters long.

For security, usually, the handle of this tool will be tied with a safety rope. This rope works if the fish is loose with the hook, it will be held back by the rope tied to the boat.

5. Bait

Usually, bait for fishing in the sea is divided into three types, artificial bait, live, and dead. However, because the target this time was a big fish, only artificial and live bait was used.

  • Artificial lures or lures are usually made of plastic or animal hair. To attract attention, usually artificial bait has a striking color. However, the use of color for bait has rules, such as when clear water uses red or orange bait. Meanwhile, when the water is clear, use silver, black or blue bait.
  • Live bait is usually a type of mackerel or Banyar fish that weighs about 200 grams. Keep this live fish in a special place that has good seawater circulation. Try to attach the hook to the fish’s back carefully, so that the fish can still move freely and last a long time.

6. Fish Storage

In order to keep the catch fresh and not easily spoiled, store the fish in special storage hatches on board. If the boat you are renting doesn’t have a hatch, you can also use a cooler to store fish.

But, if the fishing time is not more than one day. Then the fish caught is enough to be stored in a net tied to the side of the boat.