How to Choose the Best and Long Fishing Lines

How to Choose the Best and Long Fishing Lines

How to choose the best and longest fishing line, all comes back to those of you who will use the string, but as an angler looking for recommendations for the fishing line that many other people use is normal. Apart from being tested for quality directly, of course, the price of the fishing line will … Read more

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6 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android

Hobby is fishing in the sea, but what can you do every day, don’t worry, now there is the best fish fishing game entertainment for Android. Where the 3D graphic display will give a real impression and look more challenging, many now there are lots of fishing games in the sea that can be directly … Read more

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Rules Before Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

Fishing Rules

Fishing in the sea for most people is a fun and interesting activity. Of course, for you too who read this article. Besides being able to get a decent catch, fishing in the sea can be used as a medium to entertain yourself. People usually find some new hobbies to entertain themselves, one of the … Read more

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6 Tips for Fishing Techniques for Big Fish in the Sea

fishing technique

Fishing for big fish does have a more stressful challenge. Because, one strike can take 30 minutes, even hours. Fishing activities are also one of the hobbies that are in great demand, especially if the target is big fish. In addition, if you have got one strike. Actually, it is enough to be consumed by … Read more

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